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  • Mattie Greek cap
  • Mattie Greek cap

Janessa Leone

Mattie Greek cap

$ 209.00


100% Italian wool
1" black leather band
Color: black
Greek fisherman cap handmade in Italy from Italian wool.
Measure circumference of head where you would like the hat to rest.
Your hat should sit comfortably on your head without feeling pressure. To know if your hat fits properly, place your index finger at the center of your forehead perpendicularly. Your finger should be able to fit between your forehead and the sweatband inside the hat. If you are able to fit more than one finger, the hat is too large. If you are not able to fit a finger between your forehead and the sweatband inside the hat, you need a larger size.
54 cm - Small
56 cm - Medium
58 cm - Large

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